Electron beam welding

Even with high thermal conductivity
Steel and stainless steels,
Aluminium and alloys,
Copper and alloys,
Nickel alloys and refractory alloys,
Titanium and alloys

Even with considerably different melting
Copper and steel,
Copper and nickel alloy,
Tantalun and tungsten,
Nickel alloy and steel

No added material

Under vacuum process
No corrosion, no gas shield

No need of machining the part after welding
Low deformation after welding

Concentrated energy (106 W/mm2)

Weld penetration
from 0,03 mm
to 200 mm in a
single pass

Extremely fine connection

(D/W UP ≥ 20/1)

High Welding speed

Until 20m / min

Small area affected by heat

Low temperature rise of welded materials

Fine weld parallel edge