RETROFIT, electron-beam welding machine

What is retrofitting?

Retrofitting means renovating your electron-beam welding machine to meet the new applicable standards, the equipment obsolescence constraints, and/or to modernise your equipment, while minimising your investments and equipment downtime… to give your EBW machine a new lease of life.

TECHMETA ENGINEERING’s unique know-how

For the last 40 years, Techmeta-Engineering has monitored machines based on their serial numbers, analysis of after-sales interventions and processing of Hotline information in order to help our customers upgrade their welding machines.

We propose retrofitting services for TECHMETA-Engineering machines, irrespective of the commissioning date.

Through our knowledge of EB technology, we can also propose retrofitting services for equipment produced by other EB machine manufacturers.


(PLC/MMI/OS with optimised vision)

High-voltage generator
for the electron gun

Electron gun
and vision system

Numerical control
managing the welding programmes


Electron gun pumping systems
and/or welding chamber

System for recording
welding parameters for quality control

Detection of the joint plane
and automatic positioning of the axes

Beam analysis and characterisation
(Techscan system patented by Techmeta-Engineering)

Addition of fusible materials
for build-up/repair of welded parts

Depending on the extent of the Retrofit, the work can be carried out:

  • Directly on the customer site
  • In Techmeta-Engineering premises

Advantages of the Retrofit solution:

  • Reduced cost to obtain a machine technically “right up to date”
  • No requalification of welding parameters for the Techmeta-Engineering machines.
  • For a Techmeta-Engineering machine, the operator quickly adapts to the retrofitted machine, especially since the operating modes are compatible with those previously used,
  • Lower consumption through the use of new technologies (motors, pumps, etc.)

We propose customised retrofitting offers to meet your requirements as closely as possible.

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