Rotating chuck


Rotation: C axis

  • Maximum diameter of part: 140 mm
  • Maximum length between spindles: 140 mm


Tilting: B axis

  • Adjustable from 0 ° (horizontal axis of rotation)
    to ± 90 ° (vertical axis of rotation, spindle up or down)


Height: Z axis

  • Z axis stroke: 140 mm


Translation: X axis

  • X axis stroke: 150 mm

Time saved
No need to relocate the gun horizontally/vertically

Money saved
Not necessary to design complex fixture to weld with an angle from 0° to 90°

Space saved
Optimized design fitting with small chambers down to 500x500x500 mm

Unique and universal device
for welding in all positions

Rotating system
or table

can be switched easily in less than 10 minutes

Can be installed on
existing machines

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