After-sales service

Like our machines, the After-sales service adapts to the specific requirements of our customers.

After sales service is involved right from the design phase of our machines. It is a stakeholder from startup in the factory to better understand the specific features of each system. Our team is therefore your preferred point of contact.

The After-sales service can identify the requirements of our customers in terms of retrofits and upgrades of the machines (regulations, changing needs, obsolescence). It is the entry point for our trade experts (electrical and mechanical studies, man/machine interface, tuning, machine commissioning, X-ray control, vision, numerical control) to propose solutions adapted to your requirements.

We are at your service to advise you and optimise the lifetime of your machines.

We help you to identify the requirements and make proactive proposals during periodic inspections.

We offer a range of customised contracts covering maintenance, inspection and services.

In close collaboration with our representatives, we provide services all over the world.

We offer professional services adapted to our customers’ imperatives.
Our aim is to work efficiently in order to limit the impact on workload and to avoid production shut-downs.


All customer contacts
answered within 24h

80% of questions solved
by hotline, at no cost

More than 300 machines
monitored throughout the world


Our experienced technicians support our customers right from commissioning of the machines and user training through to maintenance of the equipment.

We have the advanced skills in vacuum technology and electron beam generation that our customers expect.


Employees: they guarantee the quality of the finished product. We are aware of the central role they play in guaranteeing optimal operation of the equipment, which is why we pay special attention to training. We propose standard method, maintenance and user training modules on the use and maintenance of the systems. We also create customised training sessions adapted to your needs and teams.